Why the blog?

This blog is for project coordinators, project and program managers who are interested in hearing different experiences and views on how to deliver successfully. But also… for leaders who are just starting their leadership journey and would want to make their way as smooth as possible. 

In this blog you will find:

  • straight, strong and to the point opinions about how things work and people operateĀ 
  • unconventional ways to aproaching things
  • all this supported with 10 years of corporate and non-corporate experience

About me

I am a doctor of sociology, former radio reporter, a quite decent (so I am told) infrastructure Program Manager with 7 years of experience but without IT background (how did that happen???), a Leader, a wife and a mum…. oh and french bulldog lover.

I am direct, for what I am both loved and hated….

I am demanding of myself and others…..

I hate bullshit and don’t accept impossible as an answer…..

Ambitious, stubborn and challenge driven…..


Why IT and Business do not get on… and what to do about it?

The fragile relationship between IT and Business can present a major challenge for multiple organizations. The Business-IT gap is present in almost every organization and is down to Business focusing heavily on running the operations, profits and loss and clients, whereas IT on forcing implementations of new technology and maintaining current on the existing one. …

The difficult romance between soft & technical skills

Technical vs. soft skills, this seems to be a never-ending and common challenge in every working environment. Together with workplace development the balance between soft and hard skills change as well. Technical skills used to be primary requirements for jobs, however sophisticated soft skills can have significant impact on organization. Additionally, today’s workplace is much …


If there is a topic that you would like to read about, if you would like to share some feedback or just want to chat about projects, leadership, life – give me a shout via email, Instagram @leadershiplifestyle.pl or my LinkedIn.